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About Palladium Insurance

Palladium Insurance was created in 2016 and is an authorised general insurer regulated by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission.

Whilst Palladium can offer policies for all types of insurance the main motivation in creating it was to enable a group of legal professionals to offer a wide range of legal expenses insurance facilities to the legal profession that had been designed by lawyers for lawyers.

This expertise means that the policies, administration and structure of can be designed to fit with your requirements and how you manage and run your practise.

We can offer both After the Event and Before the Event legal expenses insurance that can respond quickly to the ever changing legal services sector.  Whether your requirement is for a simple personal injury scheme or a complex commercial matter we can usually help.  With access to a team of experienced lawyers there is very little that we haven’t seen before and in many instances this enables us to offer cover were the traditional market does not.

Palladium has developed its own on-line portal system to make obtaining policies as simple and straightforward as possible but we think our strength is in our people.  The Board of Palladium have many years of experience both in the law and in insurance and this knowledge ensures that we can offer the best solutions to our clients.

Alvin Shuttleworth

Alvin is former Company Secretary and Group Legal Director of British Nuclear Fuels plc for 16 years. Alvin is executive Director for all Legal matters, specialising in transport, insurance, Corporate Governance and Security. Alvin had executive responsibility for the global programme and was the chairman of various transport related insurance companies.  Alvin was the Bermuda captive and Board member of the Guernsey captives.

He joined Palladium Associates Plc drawing on his experience as BNFL’s director responsible for transport and security.

Alvin is the UK chairman and International Board member of The International Nuclear Lawyers Association, and is also an Independent Director of ELINI (European Mutual insuring liability risks). – email

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